The 5-megapixel LG KF750 gets Black labeled

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LG has officially announced the would-be launch of a mysterious fashionable slider, which will boast a 5 megapixel camera. Well, say no more, as the mystery is solved.

The teaser about the LG latest high-end handset was ruined from the very start. The reason for that is photos of the new Black label device leaked a month ago, as we reported.

LG are still not conveying even the name of the device, but as we already told you, it will probably be named LG KF750.

LG KF750 photos LG KF750 photos
Official photos from LG KF750

The LG KF750 is high-end slider with a mixture of LG KF510 and LG KF600 touchpad navigation solutions. The 3G-enabled LG KF750 will also have a QVGA display, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, video calls camera, 160 MB of internal memory and a microSD memory card slot.

The official announcement emphasizes that the phone is build using advanced materials, such as carbon fiber for the body as well as reinforced scratch-resistant glass for the LCD screen.

The LG KF750 will be launched in Europe in the end of the month and consequently will appear in the global market. The price of the phone is still unknown - we'll be looking forward to that official announcement anyways.




The 5-megapixel LG KF750 gets Black labeled - reader comments

  • Anna

The leather does look ugly but i guess its something different, as for the carbon fibre back cover, YES PLEASE. I dont like the menu (bottom bit) though, it should be like the kf600 or 700, they look good. The screen looks really small fo...

  • Reply
  • 2009-04-01 06:28
  • wvSX
  • ben

it is a good phone people hoe r saying it is over priced they cant buy and it is only 300

  • Reply
  • 2008-07-23 12:01
  • TkMI
  • Anonymous

I agree with a few of the other comments. This phone is really overpriced and can't really compete against other phones in this price range.

  • Reply
  • 2008-04-17 17:42
  • SixY