The GSM Association Awards 2005

22 Feb, 2005 | Post your comment


The GSM Association announced the winners of the 10th GSM Association Awards 2005. More than 450 entries sorted in 5 categories were monitored in detail at the Awards. Probably the most attractive section, "Handsets, Devices and Network Solutions" revealed results similar to ones that our visitors have already voted for at the inquiry.

The Association awarded Samsung's SGH-D500 in section Best Mobile Handset, while our users voted almost equally for D500 and Sony Ericsson P910. The award in section Best 3GSM Handset was conferred to Sony Ericsson V800, in harmony with our second inquiry's outcome.

A list of the other awards follows here:

1. Applications, Content & Services

  • Best Enterprise Application - Swisscom Mobile's Mobile Unlimited service
  • Best Mobile Messaging Service - Globe Telecom's G-Cash service
  • Best Mobile Entertainment Content or Service - Somethin’ Else's Mobile Radio "hit40UK"

2. Handsets, Devices and Network Solutions

  • Best Mobile Handset - Samsung SGH-D500
  • Best 3GSM Handset - Sony Ericsson's V800
  • Best Billing or Customer Care Solution - LHS Rating Package
  • Best Network Infrastructure - Vanu Software Radio

3. Marketing and Promotion

  • Best Marketing Campaign - operator's M1 TV commercial - "1 Life. Live It"
  • Best Broadcast Commercial - Telecom Development Company's Light and Hope campaign

4. Mobile in the Community

  • Best use of Mobile for Special Needs & Accessibility - America Online, Inc. USA
  • Best Use of Mobile for Emergency Situations - Ericsson AB, Sweden
  • Mobility in the Environment - Safaricom, Kenya

The GSM Association Chairman's Award for Country Leadership was presented to Brazil, because of the massive GSM growth in Latin America's largest mobile market and fourth largest in the world.

"The Brazilian government that has clearly recognised the full value that mobility can unlock for its citizens, and has done so in spectacular fashion," said Craig Ehrlich, Chairman of the GSM Association.