T-Mobile 2011 roadmap leaked: plenty of droids incoming

Here’s a huge spoiler for T-Mobile USA’s plans for this year – a month by month account of what phones the carrier will be releasing. They range from low-enders to really juicy ones like the myTouch 4G Slide, Bold Touch and, of course, the Hercules.

Starting off with next month’s plans, there’s the HTC Sensation 4G that is still slated to launch on 8 June. Also on that day, the Samsung T589 Gravity Touch 2 and T759 Exhibit 4G.

HTC Sensation 4G • Samsung T759 Exhibit 4G

On 15 June comes the Samsung T499 Tass (a codename), which is said to be a version of the Galaxy Mini, with hints that it’s the Galaxy Suit. One more Samsung, the T379 Triumph, will launch on 29 June dubbed the Gravity 4 (the Gravity line is for feature phones with slide out QWERTY keyboards).

Samsung Galaxy Suit S5670

In the month of July, T-Mobile is expected to launch the myTouch 4G Slide on the 6th. On the 15th, the HTC Marvel will have its day – it’s supposedly a Wildfire S variant with a faster, 800MHz CPU.

Near the end of the month, on the 27th, T-Mobile should welcome the BlackBerry Touch 9860 (formerly Monza) and sell it for $200 on contract.

BlackBerry Touch 9860

August holds two more BlackBerries – the Bold Touch and the new Curve (which was codenamed Apollo). August will also bring the Huawei S7 Android tablet to T-Mobile.

We’ve already mentioned the jaw-dropping Samsung Hercules – it’s reportedly scheduled for a 26 September launch, quite a wait after the acceptance procedures scheduled for August.

BlackBerry Apollo Curve
BlackBerry Curve (Apollo) • Samsung Hercules

A bit earlier – on the 14th, to be precise – the LG Flip II will enter T-Mobile’s stores. We don’t know what the “II” is for, it’s the first T-Mobile phone called “Flip”. Anyway, on the 21st there will be the launch of the Nuron 4G (codename Panda). It sounds like a Nokia C5-03 variant with Symbian Anna, slightly faster 14.4Mbps HSDPA speed and a fair price of $150.

Plans for further into the future become a little murky. There are two LGs slated for 2 November – Maxx and Maxx Q (like Maxx but with QWERTY). We wonder if it’s the Korean LG Maxx.

The Korean LG Maxx

A Huawei U2805 is also in the works, though it will probably be sold under T-Mobile’s brand. Then there’s a Samsung duo – Jamong (a cheap 3G-enabled clamshell) and Dumont (a real mystery this one).

Then there’s the LG Optimus II – maybe an Optimus T (a rebranded Optimus One) sequel instead of a G2x sequel (that’s T-Mo’s Optimus 2X).

At the end of the list are the HTC G-Infinity (sounds like the G1, G2, G2x line up is getting a new model but with specs turned up to infinity) and the HTC Bresson (which we now know to be a WP7.5 imaging mastermind).





T-Mobile 2011 roadmap leaked: plenty of droids incoming - reader comments

  • Roark

WOW so the BB new Curve is coming up in August. Awaited with baithed breath. Pls note guys BB is BB iPhone is iPhone rest are droids/phones.

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  • 2011-05-19 03:27
  • 2Ajg
  • Anonymous

I agree, truly boring with more than 70%-80% being touch screen products. Truly disapointing as these products are so limmitted. there so bad at multitasking that lawmakers were forced to pass laws outlawing there use in moving vehicles. They...

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  • 2011-05-18 19:46
  • DIx8
  • Anonymous

Stop calling them droids......droid are android phones that Verizon call.

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  • 2011-05-18 19:08
  • qZNQ