T-Mobile accounts for 45% of US Nokia sales in Q4 2013

24 January, 2014 | Comments (17) | Post your comment

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Kantar, the popular data consultancy company, has released a series of Tweets with highlights of its upcoming Q4 2013 annual report in regards to Nokia's performance.

The most notable tidbit relates to T-Mobile, which has been revealed as the the best US carrier at selling Nokia devices, accounting for some 45% of all sales in the states during Q4 of last year.

Of those 45%, 56% were low-end Lumia phones, most notably the 521. This leaves right around 32% of sales being premium handsets and flagships like the Lumia 925.

According to other Kantar data, only 9 million US residents would choose a Nokia device over others, while 39 million more would at least consider one. This is in stark contrast to China where of their over 1 billion mobile users, some 57 million prefer a Nokia handset, while 123 million would consider using one.

T-Mobile has started out the year strong with its acquisition of the 700MHz A-Block low-band spectrum from Verizon for $3.3 billion, and its agreement with Sony for exclusive sale of the Xperia Z1S - one of the few Sony devices to be offered by a US carrier in quite some time.





T-Mobile accounts for 45% of US Nokia sales in Q4 2013 - reader comments

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all what they are saying is not true bcos approyximately 90% are using or prefer andriod over windows, i was once ful time a nokia fan,all my friends that went for lumia bcos they are nokia fan later sold there phone and go for andriod and others. ...

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