T-Mobile USA gets HTC HD2 with 576 MB RAM

25 January, 2010 | Comments (84) | Post your comment

It must have been annoying for the T-Mobile USA subscribers to have to wait three months longer than everybody else to get the HTC HD2. Well it seems their patience will be rewarded with an upgraded version of the device packing 576MB RAM and 1GB ROM. This definitely looks like a good spot for landing Windows Mobile 7 when it eventually becomes available.

And the good news doesn't end there. The T-Mobile USA will receive a 16GB microSD cards in their HTC HD2 retail boxes, instead of the 2GB available in the European/Asia packages.

The rest of the HD2 specs remain intact, but it doesn't change the fact T-Mobile will offer the most powerful HTC HD2 ever made. The rumored requirements for Windows Mobile 7 include 1GB ROM, so it might turn out that the T-Mobile's units will be the only ones to get the OS upgrade when available.




T-Mobile USA gets HTC HD2 with 576 MB RAM - reader comments

  • K2

I dont know about the rest of you but i've been waiting for this since the the first one came out and now that it's for sure that it's going to be upgraded it's worth the wait and since i've been waiting so long im ready to pay anything(right leg,kid...

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  • 2010-02-23 22:22
  • qaxi
  • Varun

All these companies are so greedy for many that they will go to any length to squeeze every single from the American consumer.

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  • 2010-02-21 19:14
  • vGcE
  • Cek

You don't understand they give you a microsd memeory card with the phone , but the phone suports 16 gb or 32gb none is sure.

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  • 2010-02-21 09:22
  • 3I1v