Toshiba Portege G920 and gang planned for 2008


A fresh new leak on Toshiba Portege line of smartphones and PocketPCs made things a bit more clear. Obviously Toshiba will be investing more into this line of work and we are to expect the first of the fresh new handsets as soon as the first months of 2008.

A few days ago the FCC website successfully leaked the Toshiba G920 PocketPC. However as the Toshiba handheld roadmap popped up online, it became clear that Toshiba has a lot more than that in store for us. Besides the Toshiba Portege G920, which is due in Q1 2008, there is also going to be another "ultra" high-end QWERTY device, designated as G930. It should be announced in the end of 2008.

Toshiba Portege G920 Toshiba Portege G920 Toshiba Portege G920 Toshiba Portege G920
Toshiba G920 as leaked on the FCC website

Another smart device is expected in Q1 2008 and it is dubbed Toshiba G800. It is supposed to have touchscreen functionality, so we are guessing Windows Mobile.

Two Toshiba GPS-enabled handsets are also to be announced in 2008. Both will have the messenger form factors - a bar-shaped device with QWERTY keyboard. The Toshiba Portege G710 is expected in Q1 2007, while the Toshiba Portege G720 is expected in Q3 2008.

And finally, the Toshiba Portege G450 will be announced in Q1 2008 as a lower-end device - we are guessing WM smartphone.

Toshiba 2008 roadmap as leaked online

Looks like Toshiba will have a lot of toys for us to play with at the 3GSM which will be held in February at Barcelona. While you are at it, you can also check our Toshiba G900 review. It's an oversized PocketPC, which failed to gain popularity due to some early production bugs. However it offers a high resolution Wide VGA display, a QWERTY keyboard and a host of connectivity features.

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Toshiba Portege G920 and gang planned for 2008 - reader comments

  • Benni Boi

I still absolutely LOATHE Toshiba for their treatment of customers from their e740 PDA days. Toshiba has probably the worst post-sales support ever for a tier 1 company and should not go anywhere near their electronics division. This includes al...

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  • 2007-12-20 21:56
  • 2GHA
  • Dane

Look like a toys. Emmm.....

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  • 2007-12-20 21:08
  • nAvn
  • DaveTheTekkie

OK children... so you're first... whoopeedoo... The design reminds me a lot of the HTC Universal (XDA Exec)... tho in terms of design seems like a step back from the G500/G900

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  • 2007-12-19 19:51
  • pYNR