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> In reply to Andy Watson @ 2010-06-18 06:18 from vwcR - click to readdo u use this cell????????????????

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  • 2013-09-26 18:30
  • vwes
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Hi Toshiba ur's TX80 is a mobile phone or a calculator...such a UGLY phone I ever seen...should take my advise....stop making mobile phone...

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  • 2010-06-18 06:18
  • vwcR
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> In reply to felix @ 2008-01-15 11:00 from M35R - click to readyour right there they have always been stealing idea's

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  • 2009-10-06 01:18
  • mxkI
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i bouhgt 904t for my girlfriend and 911t for me,there's nothing better then toshibas and sharps,nokia never again,nokia just stilling ideas from japanese mobile market

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  • 2008-01-15 11:00
  • M35R
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Currently living in Japan, so I bought the Japanese version. Got it cuz I wanted a good camera and good music player all on one phone, and also one that can type in Japanese for practice as well as will work in the US (have to pay to get it unlocked somewhere).

(keep in mind this is the Japanese version, Softbank 811T)
Quick overview:
-No bluetooth
-Music player only plays mp4 files (it comes with a program for converting but it has trouble installing on non-japanese installs of windows. i got it to work but it won't recognize japanese/chinese/korean text in song files)--notice: this con may not be applicable to the non-japanese version
-Camera has no auto focus, not great flash
-I think its kinda ugly

-3mp camera has great quality most of the time
-Music player is pretty good, has equalizer and is quite usable (first phone mp3 player i've used so take this for what its worth)
-Can control music player without opening phone via buttons on outside
-Easy to press/see buttons (fully backlit too)
-Good size (not huge, esp considering the wealth of features)
-Outside lights for notification of new emails etc
-Supports video call with secondary front-mounted vga camera
-Quite usable interface
-Upgradable/removeable memory (mirco sd card, max size as of Oct. 07 = 2gig)
-3g and quadband gsm support

Personally I have always wanted a phone that would be my music player, camera, and phone, and not suck. With the nice 3mp camera (even with no auto focus and not much of a flash) and the music player (which I find just fine) I am quite happy with this phone. No bluetooth support is kind of stupid and a big pain for some.. I personally am ok with it. The Japanese one DOES make a sound when you take a picture, although it's not very loud. I keep it on vibrate most of the time but I don't feel like the ring is exceptionally loud. Hope this helps, sry it's the Japanese version.

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  • 2007-10-22 19:40
  • wckV
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Does the 811T have the same mobile charger as the 903SH? I really want to know! I really like the look of the orange one.

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  • 2007-09-13 15:32
  • 2G2g
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Just bought TX80 in red color, which is a japanese version with Chinese firmware.
Overall, the phone is nice in terms of sound(via headphone), screen, build quality and reception quality.

The only drawback is the absence of the bluetooth. With just few japanese phone in the market, we cannot be too demanding for them. I would still recommend this phone to everyone.

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  • 2007-08-14 18:18
  • TRTv
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Does anyone know what the sound is like on this mobile? Is it loud?

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  • 2007-08-09 11:50
  • 2G27
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  • Concerned phone love
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Scary, looks like a baby moniter. Or something you can get in a pound shop

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  • 2007-08-05 21:03
  • mxt$
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it looks like an octopus...

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  • 2007-07-13 18:00
  • U3%h
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bought it, everythings good cept that no bluetooth kinda sucks when sending stuff and no autofocus makes it kinda hard to take pics. But other than that the white ones look very very nice. Everyone loves it, just a lil bit quiet tho in my opinion.

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  • 2007-07-01 00:12
  • YcpD
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not good.. too complicated and the sound its too low, I never awser my calling because I cant hear the phone ringing!

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  • 2007-06-27 09:50
  • PEHI
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Does the internet and the picture messaging only work in Japan?.. Thinking about buying this phone but worried it wont work with my needs.And also, does it take both t-mobile and Cingular..I may switch.---please answer.I am in need of another phone I need help.

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  • 2007-06-16 14:00
  • Qh6J
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I heard the phone doesn't have shutter sound when you take a picture. The sample photos look nice as well. Too bad it doesn't have bluetooth.

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  • 2007-06-14 11:39
  • P%Ii
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it looks like an octopus...

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  • 2007-04-13 05:37
  • U3%7
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u could find it on ebay for $300

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  • 2007-04-11 08:24
  • Y7TY
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400$ for this phone good deal if u dont mind the absence of bluetooth

400$ in the US or canada or where?

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  • 2007-04-11 08:06
  • kDax
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Hey . . . I actually quite like the white one. And the camera quality with this phone is superb. But then again, it's quite pricey >_

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  • 2007-04-08 15:54
  • kCYH
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I can get this phone for $400, is it worth it? ANYONE?

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  • 2007-04-04 04:41
  • Nxnn
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eew.. hate this phone
its ugly, no bluetooth, no autofocus
for $500, i'd rather get a nokia, samsung, SE, Sharp, or even LG -_-"

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  • 2007-03-16 01:45
  • kDHw
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