Two million WP7 devices sold, USB tethering hack now available

27 January, 2011 | Comments (34) | Post your comment

According to Microsoft, there are more than two million Windows Phone 7 licenses sold around the world and 93% of those have found home with satisfied users. Meanwhile the unsatisfied may be interested in the recently released USB tethering hack. It's compatible with the HTC lineup and the Dell Venue Pro.

A day before Microsoft releases its Q4 financial results, it gives us a few interesting facts to chew on.

The most important one is about the Windows Phone 7 licenses sold globally - more than two million. This means there are more than two million WP7 phones worldwide and according to Microsoft 93% of them satisfy their owners. The research also shows 90% of the WP7 users would recommend the OS to others.

Another curious fact is that 100 apps (average) are published in the Windows Marketplace every day. Today there are more than 6500 apps available there.

If you are one of those unsatisfied users, or just want to expand the capabilities of your device, there is now a USB tethering hack that allows you to hook your phone to your computer and allows it to connect to the Internet via the 3G connection. It only works on HTC-made WP7 smartphones and you'll need to jailbreak the device first. You can find the full tutorial at XDA Developers thread or use this one.

If you own a Dell Venue Pro, the tethering magic is quite simple and easy. Just follow this link for the quick tutorial.

As we previously told you, Samsung Omnia 7 also supports USB tethering and it's very easy to enable it too.

Microsoft has a lot to catch up with the rest of the competing smartphone platforms. The first big update for Windows Phone 7 is just around the corner and we bet we'll see a lot of the aspects of the OS move in the right direction.





Two million WP7 devices sold, USB tethering hack now available - reader comments

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thats true it dosnt but neither does the iphone

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you better believe it. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

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I can say 2 billions users (dont ask me for references), who cares XD!!:) ;)

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