Unlocked Moto G goes up for pre-order on Amazon in the US

29 November, 2013 | Comments (32) | Post your comment

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A few days after it became available directly from Motorola in the United States, the Moto G also made its way to Amazon. The retail giant now has the budget-friendly Android smartphone up for pre-order unlocked, free of any contract commitments.

Amazon has the Moto G priced the same as Motorola’s own online store. The 8GB version starts at $179.99, while its 16GB sibling goes for $199.99. Both versions are scheduled to ship on December 4 – two days after Motorola’s own online store is scheduled to dispatch its pre-orders.

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Unlocked Moto G goes up for pre-order on Amazon in the US - reader comments

  • Anonymous

Is this offer available for global shipping? or do you need to pay extra if they do global shipping?

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  • 2013-12-05 08:34
  • wu4%
  • razrmonk

indeeeeeeed! thats why i dont buy those phones and dont recommend them to my friends. well, i dont even buy samsung hehe

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  • 2013-12-02 22:17
  • PB%b
  • tim

First off, those phones aren't available in the US, secondly, those phones are not built to the same quality standard as the Moto G.

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  • 2013-12-02 17:29
  • xc4{