Verizon sold 9.8 million smartphones in Q4

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As AT&T, Verizon has yet to release a full financial report for the final quarter of 2012 but an SEC filing gives a few interesting details. The carrier sold 9.8 million smartphones in the holiday quarter, a big jump from Q3's 6.8 million.

The filing hints at a "higher mix" of iPhones but gives no exact numbers. For Q3 the numbers were 3.4 million Androids and 3.1 million iPhones, of which 21% (around 650K) were iPhone 5's.

Since the iPhone 5 was announced at the end of Q3, we can expect to see it make up a much bigger portion of the iPhone mix for Q4. The carrier is expecting to record lower margins compared to Q4 2011 though.

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Verizon sold 9.8 million smartphones in Q4 - reader comments

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