Verizon trialing bloatware removal on LG G3

26 July, 2014 | Comments (11) | Post your comment

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Verizon is currently trialing unistalling bloatware and its first guinea pig is the LG G3.

The "pre-loaded" apps will be installed during the setup process but some of them will support unistalling using the standard Android method. Installing these apps will not incur any data or charges for the customer.

Currently not all apps can be unistalled but simply disabled - it seems Verizon's suit of apps is among those that cannot be unistalled.

Here's the full statement here.

Verizon is trialing a new service on the LG G3. Pre-loaded applications will install in the background during the activation and set up process. Once setup is complete, the applications will appear in the applications folder as though they have been traditionally pre-loaded. However, there IS one key difference; the applications can be completely and entirely uninstalled by the customer via the standard uninstall process. Customers will not incur any data usage or charges for the download and installation of these applications.

Verizon will test the feature on the LG G3 for now but it's not certain whether it will roll it out to other devices. If the option is well received that it will probably make it to all Verizon phones.

The more pressing issue is when this will become the practice for all carriers and manufacturers - bloatware is very rarely used by the customer and it only takes precious space.





Verizon trialing bloatware removal on LG G3 - reader comments

  • Anonymous

Not exactly. I have no Verizon apps or software on my Verizon iPhone 5.

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  • 2014-07-27 01:01
  • jMIa
  • AndreiB

Hope Samsung sees this, my Note3 is SIM free and is still full of bloat, and very few chances to remove it.

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  • 2014-07-27 00:35
  • nDB9
  • Anonymous

Apple gets bloatware from carriers like any android, unless you decide not to buy from carriers

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  • 2014-07-26 21:04
  • 4$g8