Vertu Constellation hands-on: A thing money can buy

GSMArena team, 12 December 2007.
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360-degree spins

Vertu Constellation Satin Stainless Steel black leather

Vertu Constellation Polished Stainless Steel pink leather


The main highlight in Vertu phone's features is the concierge - a 24-hour service, accessed by a single press of the dedicated button. It connects you to an operator that can help you with virtually anything you need - be it plane ticket booking or hotel reservations there is an expert out there for everything. Furthermore it is available in several languages, so despite that the company is based in London English is not your only option. It is hard to imagine that a person who buys Vertu won't have a secretary or a personal assistant for such purposes but nonetheless it is probably good to always have another option.


Vertu Constellation series models run on the Nokia S40 3rd edition user interface. It's far from being out-of-date but it is not the best looking user-interface either.

Rich features also aren't really Vertu Constellation's thing. The quad-band device features a decent set of GPRS-enabled features including five applications plus a few organizing options but doesn't get anywhere near to actually deserving the price tag. But then again it was never meant to do so in terms of features.


So the Vertu Constellation handsets are surely not something you can pass by without noticing it. They are meant to be distinctive and fulfill the task perfectly. However it is once again to be noted here that they are far from being regular mobile phones. Is it worth it? Well if it goes well with the color of your Wiesmann it probably does.

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