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its flip up so i h8 it erghhhhhhhhh

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  • 2007-07-24 19:40
  • n53e
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Hi, i've got this phone.... tho i like it a lot but it's not available here in philippines... i could not buy accessories for this like the USB... i guess it's useless having this phone...

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  • 2007-03-21 15:12
  • 2Am%
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could i know if there is any way to read & write arabic in the VK800. if there are any way or programan plz inform my.


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  • 2006-11-13 13:17
  • S1x1
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Hi... I just bought the phone today...i hope this isnt too late
coz at first i have the same problem as u both...I couldnt connect it to my PC via USB port
i thought its because of my window xp service pack but it isnt....

well when connect the mobile to PC the mobile creen will show "USB connect" text
then press the left soft key button dude!!!!!!!!!!!

it will work!!! window will install the USB driver itself!!!!!!
WEll VK 800 is perfect and so damn cheap lol
Good luck

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  • 2006-09-21 12:14
  • 2xCm
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Hey mr moo

I've had the same problem too, when i connect the phone it doesnt do anything. I expected it to be like a normal USB plug in function. Anyway im going to sell this phone, due to the fact it looks like a peanut and is a dud.

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  • 2005-10-23 16:35
  • RN@A
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I am having problems with trying to get it to connect to the PC, the drivers arent even signed to windows and the phone gets detected as an unkown device!! Anyone have this problem and solve it? email me please, sucks having a phone with mp3 capabilities but no way to put them on it

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  • 2005-10-23 15:08
  • PxvC
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i have this phone!! and it is the most perfect phone ever!! it is small, cute and it has everything i need. the only problem is that the battery life is short but luckily it comes with two batteries!!!
I love this phone and i highly recomend it!!

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  • 2005-10-06 10:44
  • PBC8
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Needs a card slot and bluetooth, but looks ok.

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  • 2005-07-12 13:45
  • Mx@E
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TFT, 256K colors
1.3MP cam
Design like a peanut - nice
79g - light
All this phone needed is a card slot and it would be the best!!

Maybe they could re-design with a card slot, i will definitely buy it :)

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  • 2005-06-14 18:43
  • Ih46
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pretty basic clamshell

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  • 2005-02-11 05:14
  • Yckf
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