Watch AT&T's Developer Summit keynote speech live here

07 January, 2013 | Comments (6) | Post your comment

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A whole bunch of AT&T bigwigs are getting ready to take the stage at CES for the AT&T Developer Summit. The various execs will be talking about everything from innovative new developer tools to new devices and service offerings.

You can watch the event live using the embedded live stream below (and you don't even have to deal with the cold Vegas weather), but make sure to check our own coverage of the event, once it's over.

Update: Well, it's over, you can watch a replay of the event below. Spoiler: the only new phone for AT&T that was announced today is the Pantech Discover.

As you can imagine, we're mostly interested in the new devices - does AT&T have an ace up its sleeve? Here's hoping it's more interesting than LG's event, which saw no new phones announcements whatsoever.




Watch AT&T's Developer Summit keynote speech live here - reader comments

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44:15 Apple maps!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!

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request this man to talk less

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  • boy i'm hungry

Show me the money.

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