White HTC Desire and silver HTC Wildfire go on pre-order in the UK

29 September, 2010 | Comments (36) | Post your comment

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You probably remember those photos of the white HTC Desire and the silver HTC Wildfire from about two weeks ago. The two devices looked sexy as hell in their shiny new dresses and now we are all eager to see them in flesh.

The great news is that it won't take much longer for that to happen. Both the white Desire and the silver Wildfire are up for pre-order now in the UK and while an exact shipping date isn't mentioned it should be a matter of weeks at the worst.

HTC Desire in white and HTC Wildfire in Silver

Both devices can be had on a two-year 15 GBP/month contract, on which the Wildfire costs 30 GBP and the Desire is 200 GBP. However you can get both phones for free if you go for a 20 GBP/month contract for the Wildfire or 30 GBP/month for the Desire. You can find all available plans here.

Those certainly seem like perfectly reasonable prices, but the question we are all asking is if and when those color versions will see wider availability.




White HTC Desire and silver HTC Wildfire go on pre-order in the UK - reader comments

  • almoney

htc wildfire,the phone is superb,performance feature is excellece everything about this phone is perfectly okay if you real get to know your phone,i love it much more better than storm blackberry

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  • 2011-02-12 16:59
  • mEa1
  • JJ

Currently own the White Desire model. Lovin' it! :D

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  • 2010-12-16 01:34
  • 2Iqj
  • Anonymous

Just to let you all know CarphoneWarehouse is selling both of these handsets in these colours from tomorrow :)

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  • 2010-10-04 16:27
  • M3s@