Will the iPhone 3G blend? Well, you've got your answer now!

15 July, 2008 | Comments (33) | Post your comment

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The website WillitBlend.com got really popular by… well, by blending stuff in a high-speed super blender. They've put all kinds of gadgets in that blender and none has managed to escape the relentless blades yet.

The story behind the Will-it-Blend campaign is in fact a clever marketing strategy for promoting and selling those super blenders by Blendtec. Nonetheless it's so fun watching all those things go down the blender really fast - some even go ballistic.

Will It Blend?
Yes, the first-gen iPhone definitely blends, let's check the iPhone 3G

We enjoyed watching the first-gen iPhone getting all beat up and dusted. So we eagerly expected what will happen with the speedier iPhone 3G - will it go down twice as fast? Well, we've got our answer now and take our word for it - you need to watch this video.

For more on blending high-tech stuff, hop on to WillItBlend.com




Will the iPhone 3G blend? Well, you've got your answer now! - reader comments

  • Anonymous

The video is not working anymore. But, there is a new iPhone 3GS now. It is twice as fast as the old iPhone 3G. Check out here for more details of the new iPhone 3GS Apple.

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  • 2009-09-02 18:50
  • Y1VP
  • Imran

Why ain't the guy shows if his hand or "thing" blends??? All other mobile phone makers just jealous man... long live Apple....

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  • 2008-07-20 11:46
  • P$IT
  • SansaR

People don't be crazy with these waisted mobiles with better fetears.your battery will be finishes in between 3 hours with this iphone 3g.I like samsung omnia should be better phone if it should be previewed with changing is't form and appearence as ...

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  • 2008-07-20 11:29
  • mG8B