Windows Phone 8.5 is already in the works as WP 8.1 launch nears

07 March, 2014 | Comments (69) | Post your comment

The Windows Phone emulator has been very generous in providing under the hood information of Microsoft's mobile OS. Besides the countless clues regarding the scheduled for April update to Windows Phone 8, the emulator has obviously a lot more to share - particularly an interesting bit of info about the next-generation iteration of the OS dubbed Windows Phone 8.5.

TimeMe developer has encountered an interesting tooltip in the WP Emulator, which indicates that secondary live tiles may no longer be available in Windows Phone 8.5. Check out the exact tooltip message below.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the secondary live tile will disappear entirely, but most probably the API may be altered or completely rewritten to allow new functionality. In any case, Microsoft plans to change the start screen in Windows Phone 8.5.

In addition, Windows Phone 8.1 will allow developers to choose a shorter update period for their Live Tiles. Currently, the update happens every 30 minutes, but Windows Phone 8.1 will introduce a shorter update period of 1 minute.

Microsoft is holding their BUILD developer conference in April. There, the software giant will spill all the beans of the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1, which is scheduled to hit devices this spring.

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Windows Phone 8.5 is already in the works as WP 8.1 launch nears - reader comments


With my respects for your opinion. I shifted from Android to WP deliberately and find myself forced to move back to Android due to A) OS shortcomings (From the lack of proper sharing functions to the fact Office can't work with SD nor can open passwo...

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  • 2014-03-23 15:06
  • vD4b
  • The Lions Den

You should stick to your iPhone your currently using then, your other locked down os, only locked into iTunes which is even worse

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  • 2014-03-23 15:01
  • YP1X
  • William

I think many WP haters come from the time WP was still young and popular apps were poorly built (though some still are). Coming from a long time WP user, and still one at that, I find myself customizing my other phone (an Android) to emulate WP expe...

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  • 2014-03-15 06:50
  • y$cG