WP 7.8 update might come in a few weeks, WP7.9 in the works?

19 November, 2012 | Comments (95) | Post your comment

Nokia can't (or more likely doesnít want to) keep Windows Phone 7.8 info under wraps - new info coming from the "head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer" suggests we will see the update much sooner than the previously rumored Q1 2013 timeframe.

Microsoft never really announced a solid launch date for the update, which caused all this guessing.

Anyway, the WP7.8 update was reportedly RTMed and it should start rolling out in a few days to weeks. This comes soon after the leaked Nokia materials that detailed what changes the update will bring (Microsoft was vague on this one too).

Windows Phone 7.8 will not be the end of it though - another rumor (this one coming from Nokia Germany) suggests there will be another update for the first generation of Windows Phone handsets (the ones not getting WP8).

The rumor doesnít offer any more info, but that there might be an update at all is quite interesting in itself. Microsoft made a commitment of supporting WP8 devices for at least 18 months after they're released, but it would be nice to see it hasnít forgotten about the users it attracted with WP7.





WP 7.8 update might come in a few weeks, WP7.9 in the works? - reader comments

  • invader9000

So, all that discussion about WP, makes me wonder, do you really Android users, care, about your OS? You seem to be angry about MS-Nokia collaboration why? It is your opinion that WP is crap, but you use Android, which needs sci fi phones to work fas...

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  • 2013-01-09 16:55
  • 3A4M
  • OgiDogy

Microsoft is playing a dangerous game: They have the less attractive product in the market, both in quality and in usability (apps) and the only thing they offer for the stupid few that gave them a chance and became a joke... is another laugh: "...

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  • 2012-12-20 09:14
  • Mdph
  • eAr blondian

guys, there is no competition between Android and WPs. They are systematically all good at their position. If Android is too good n WPs r nothing but craps(according to android users), then cool, why do u(android users) so worried about WP8 features ...

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  • 2012-11-22 06:09
  • KFMD