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the apps are automatically close please help me

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  • 2014-07-23 14:30
  • sGMn
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Dear Friend
i was using xolo a600 mobile 2Days and i was found a problem the problem is mobile wifi mac.address is change agen agen when wifi is on off then mac address is change .i was go to service center in xolo and there share my problem .but not resolve my problem and last give DOA latter and refund my all amount.so please not give XOLO mobile

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  • 2014-07-21 16:12
  • bCXK
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nice phone happy nohang

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  • 2014-07-19 13:21
  • K8TB
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friends this phone very good but sometime this phone is hanking after install antivirus its running smoothly

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  • 2014-07-19 09:08
  • 7j@x
  • H

very bad experice with xolo A600. too much poor service.

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  • 2014-07-18 14:42
  • 2S$g
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after install next launcher 3d the phn is work smart but hanging problem same & game automatically stop problem so do not buy this phn & also care is soooooooo poorrr so before purchase a phn not think about xolo phone

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  • 2014-07-16 09:54
  • 2SKx
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this phone vry bed ph ...my all dear frend please don't purchase this phone ....very bed service this phone

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  • 2014-07-14 11:44
  • vbyW
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hi friends xolo a 600 is very very bed phone i pick this phone 9/6/2014 by 7000 rs. and 6 days run phone or coming problem to touch is very poor .[same on you this phone maker]

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  • 2014-07-12 17:50
  • 7tEB
  • H

i have also very bad experience with this handset.Within 5 months its touch getting replaced and many major problem has been detected.The problem are follows:.Never buy a Xolo mobiles it is totally waste of money and Customer service is also very poor.

1. Softkeys are automatically working.
2. Touch is not working properly.
3. Lock hardkeys is working after very hard press.(after repaired from Service center)
4.Sometimes music is playing but sound is not listening.After beating on back cover it gives sound.
5.After repaired from Service center its battery draining very fast.
6.Its Charging slot is very loose and not handle its pin.
7.Handsfree is not working properly after giving push every time its getting play and its jack is also defect.

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  • 2014-07-04 13:19
  • vG{P
  • H

very bad experice with xolo A600. too much poor service. its request to all viwers to d'nt purchased this

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  • 2014-07-03 09:21
  • UNVs
  • F

recently i have bought this mobile.
its too worst phone i have ever had.
with in this four month i have had loads of prob and always it was in service center.
and service provided by center also too worst (they taken a week for software update ).
mainly ram was too slow.
even i installed boost ram clear catche etc. all the software's but yet its working too slow..
dont buy this particular model.

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  • 2014-06-30 07:57
  • t}Cr
  • H

wifi complaints wifi mac address auto change problem in xolo (A600) mobile
wifi complaints wifi mac address auto change problem in xolo (A600) mobile Kannan, Trivandrum kerala trivandrum service center is very very poor............................................­........................... xolo not supporting customers your service is very poor Am send it my mobile in

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  • 2014-06-25 12:00
  • vGXa
  • U

not god phn hanging problem & some games are automatially stop & phn automatic go to the main screen & care are so bad so don't buy this phone

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  • 2014-06-24 11:43
  • uu@E
  • H

There are not ram as perfect given as 466 Mb and say as 512 Mb.so this mobile has not good for me.

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  • 2014-06-23 15:22
  • uvBC
  • C

I had posted this comment after using a600 for two months.
I really happy with this phone it has nice shape and bright look it is a perfect gaming mobile it has 1.3 GHz processor and 400mp Mali graphics processor it played NFS shift,Templerun1 and 2,Temple run oz and TNA wrestling without any single lag and many apps without hanging.This phone is a perfect gaming mobile.
1.Poor camera,camera quality should be increased
2.RAM should be increased only 180 mob is always free
3.sound quality should increased
If you want ram 1GB at this price you can see Micromax caunite unite it also has same options as xolo a600.

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  • 2014-06-20 18:16
  • rKaV
  • U

Ive bought A600 about 6th months first time there were no problem but now a days when I tying text then it scree not working after some time the phone is well if I again type some text then the same problem occur!!! can any one tell me how can I solve this problem??????

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  • 2014-06-20 14:46
  • vQ}B
  • Q

It's a worst movie,i purchased 6 months back,The touchscreen is not working, when i asked in service center they tell to me that the model(Xolo A600)reciveng so many complaint on touchscreen,Dont buy. waste of money

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  • 2014-06-20 12:56
  • 7tSA
  • H

> In reply to sandy @ 2014-06-18 14:07 from 2SLB - click to readsame here... when i put to charge its was very hot. i return the product back to flipkart.

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  • 2014-06-18 16:40
  • fCx%
  • R

when i charge this phone...its very hot...

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  • 2014-06-18 14:07
  • 2SLB
  • R

It's good but not enough Google search is slow.plzz help me what to do?

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  • 2014-06-18 12:25
  • rKuR
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