XPERIA Play reviewed again, more specs revealed

17 January, 2011 | Comments (81) | Post your comment

XPERIA Play is probably Sony Ericsson's worst kept secret. The gaming phone keeps leaking every week revealing even more of its specs to the public. Today we've got another review for you, complete with more live shots and benchmarks.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play

The first thing we learn is that the internal free memory of the Gingerbread-running XPERIA Play. The pre-release unit appearing in the shots has 315MB for apps, but Android already allows memory card installations so no biggie here.

The XPERIA Play specs

As you already know, the XPERIA Play is based on the same Qualcomm MSM8255 platform as the XPERIA Arc. It's the second-gen Snapdragon with improved graphics performance thanks to the updated Adreno 205 GPU.

XPERIA Play benchmarks

According to the two benchmarks listed in the review, the XPERIA Play has similar processing power to the HTC Desire HD. Of course, it is still a pre-release unit, so things might improve even further before it hits the shelves.

There's also the PlayStation Pocket app, which will allow downloading of exclusive games to the phone. So far the service has not launched and there are no games to download so it was not tested. Unfortunately, the reviewer doesn't know the Sony Ericsson plans about those mobile games and also whether there will be a PS simulator.

However a tipster told us that most PSP games from the Playstation Network will be available to to the XPERIA Play as well.

Sony's PlayStation Pocket app

The rest of the XPERIA Play UI seems to be the same identical to what we saw on the XPERIA Arc. Timescape and the new Media menu are also on board.

XPERIA Play user interface

You can check the source for more pictures and two test videos.

The XPERIA Play should be announced at the upcoming MWC 2011 this February. Rumors have it that it should be in stores by June 2011.





XPERIA Play reviewed again, more specs revealed - reader comments

  • wezul02

my xperia play loses power even when its pluged in!!!

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  • 2011-07-04 12:35
  • MfxH
  • ember

I've got one. the battery life is terrible! i have to charge it every day and i havent even been gaming on it. The reason i havent been gaming is that apart from the awful battery life, there are barely any games avaible for it. very disappointed :-...

  • Reply
  • 2011-04-21 20:39
  • m5tp
  • semaj wilko

Iv got the xperia play and i think its a gr8 phone iv had iphones for past 2-3 years n its takin.abit of time to get used to a totaly different phone but im enjoying it Onli.ptoblem iv got is half the games you can get for the xperia you dont even ...

  • Reply
  • 2011-04-12 16:33
  • 32T$