Sony Xperia s coming to Three, O2 and Phones4U in the UK

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The Sony Xperia s is arriving in the UK in March and so far we know that Three UK and O2 will be the ones to carry the device. The white version of the Xperia s is said to be a Phones4U exclusive on the isles.

It seems the war for first dibs is on in the UK and the Xperia s is one of the main prizes. There's some heavy marketing going on over at Three. Here's a promo sneak peak at the upcoming Sony device.

The Xperia s offers a 4.3" Reality display with HD resolution (720x1280), making for the highest pixel density device in droid land along with the HTC Rezound at around 342 pixels per inch. Now, the fact is that anything above 300 is more than the human eye can resolve at a reasonable distance but bragging rights are important in the tech community.

Sony Xperia s

There are also a ton of accessories to go along with the new Xperia flagship. The SmartWatch is the heir to Sony Ericsson's LiveView. It can show you notifications, events and more when paired with your Xperia device.

Sony SmartWatch

You can also get the Wireless Headset pro, a Bluetooth headset that offers superior sound, doubles as a standalone MP3 player and offers notifications too.

Finally, Smart Tags are little NFC chips that allow your phone to enter different states such as alarm clock state when the phone is placed near your bed, silent mode when you’re in a meeting and more.

Smart Tags and Wireless headset pro

As we said earlier the Xperia s will be available at Three UK and O2 UK from March and the same goes for the white version for Phones4U.

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Sony Xperia s coming to Three, O2 and Phones4U in the UK - reader comments

  • Anonymous

does the n9 work with smart tags?

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  • 2012-04-30 02:33
  • u{EH
  • chena

i love you sony, hope to see you become a king in this world war of phone:) be strong my sony

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  • 2012-02-06 16:52
  • YTSQ
  • Mary

I think i use a sony ericsson phone and its still working fine after 8 years...

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  • 2012-01-16 13:53
  • v{Us