Apple cuts back chip orders from Samsung, the war rages on

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You are all aware of the recent major US patent lawsuit involving Apple and Samsung. So far their patent quarrels had not have any impact on their component supply deal, which has Samsung provide most of the memory chips that Apple uses in its mobile device.

According to Reuters and several other news outlets, all citing anonymous sources, with the iPhone 5, Apple is now steering away from Samsung as its main chip supplier. Instead, the company is looking to strengthen its supplies from competing chip manufacturers such as Toshiba, Elpida and Hynix.

Photo by Reuters

So what are we witnessing here? Is it that Apple is getting ready for a long war, or it's just that it doesn't like to do any further business with Samsung?

It could also be that Samsung is using its chip manufacturing deal as a leverage in their patent brawls across the world or just on the contrary, it's Apple that's using the cutting back of the orders as a leverage. Apple is supposedly Samsung’s largest components client with estimates pointing that their deal is supposedly bringing billions in yearly revenue. Well, we may never learn the truth.

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Apple cuts back chip orders from Samsung, the war rages on - reader comments

  • Anonymous

Wow, if Apple is doing this now, I think it would only be for 2 reasons: 1) Apple would finally man up and manufacture their own parts (or at least just one part?) for the phones that they so proudly brag about. I want to see if they can still brag...

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  • 2012-09-15 00:35
  • TfX2
  • M@i20

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  • 2012-09-12 09:58
  • N9@y
  • Anonymous

Perhaps Apple needs fewer chips because it's not going to be selling so many iPhones in future :-)

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  • 2012-09-12 08:26
  • SgvH