Blackberry Push service is now open to all Blackberry apps

17 March, 2010 | Comments (14) | Post your comment

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RIM are now offering a brand new feature for the BlackBerry app developers - Push notifications. Dev teams are welcomed to use the BlackBerry Push Service in their own apps bringing live updates to the mobile.

The BlackBerry Push service comes in two packages - Push Essentials and Push Plus. The first one is free and gives the standard functionality - delivers push content. The Blackberry Push Plus has free and paid tiers and will provide advanced options such as Push delivery reports.

Thanks to the Push notifications you will be able to receive immediate updates on all your Push-enabled apps such as weather, email, all kind of news, etc. The max push content is 8KB and the first apps that use the service are Weather Bug Elite, Sports Illustrated, the Hockey News and Time.

If you are a BlackBerry app developer you may find additional information about the Push Service here.




Blackberry Push service is now open to all Blackberry apps - reader comments

  • Anonymous

I agree the E72 is so much better!!! But unfortuantely it doesn't come with the unlimited Blackberry data (BIS) so many companies are unwilling to adopt it...

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  • 2010-03-20 12:14
  • iidC
  • Anonymous

How on Earth Blackberry keeps on going with that crapy OS

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  • 2010-03-18 20:14
  • 3AYy
  • Tsepz

True,but im sure the apps will allow you to deactivate push. It will be up to the user if they want it or not. Its a very clever implementation by BlackBerry, i can just see the NOKIA Eseries product team saying "OH Now why didnt we think of T...

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  • 2010-03-18 17:50
  • kBsv