Desire S and Desire HD get unofficial Android 4.0 port

10 April, 2012 | Comments (24) | Post your comment

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xda-developers member 'proxuser' has been busy for the past few weeks working on an Android 4.0 port for the Desire S and the Desire HD. The ROM that he has managed to port over is actually an HTC One V ROM that was leaked a few weeks ago.

Considering the hardware similarities between the One V and the Desire duo, it makes sense to have the One V ROM ported over to these phones, which is exactly what proxuser has managed to do. His custom ROM titled Primo-S has been available for the past few weeks but he has since been tweaking and updating it and it has now reached a point where it can be safely used on a daily basis.

There are still some things that don't work yet, though, such as the camera, Wi-Fi hotspot and USB tethering but we're sure these would be fixed soon.

If you were looking to inject some new life into your ageing Desire S or Desire HD, this might be the perfect ROM to do so with. As usual, do this while being aware of all the risks that come with flashing custom ROMs.

On the other hand, if you don't want to risk it or go through the trouble, or you don't want to lose the aforementioned functionalities, then you can always wait for the official Android 4.0 update from HTC.

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Desire S and Desire HD get unofficial Android 4.0 port - reader comments

  • Dan Dando

well, seemed like that's the best HTC company can do for Desire HD phones. very sad to hear that from a very competitive company. well maybe that's their way of treating loyal HTC customers. "no more upgrades, more disappointed customers." ...

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  • 2012-07-26 10:03
  • 9L9Z
  • Oliver

Like many other DHD users i was eagerly awaiting an update but... HTC Desire HD will NOT get the ICS has been scrubbed from the list details on GSM Areana page ally_a_no_go_for_htc_desire_hd_-...

  • Reply
  • 2012-07-25 00:13
  • 0FiX
  • Anonymous

I read somewhere at that rooted device can not be update with next official ICS, even if it can it will brick the device. Is it true?

  • Reply
  • 2012-05-02 03:45
  • KiVu