HTC Magic gets Sense UI, Android 2.0 Eclair phones in the works

27 October, 2009 | Comments (23) | Post your comment

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HTC Magic owners have been wondering if they will get a piece of the Sense UI action. The ones in Taiwan just got their answer - click download, follow the instructions and enjoy. This update is currently for Chunghwa Telecom only, whether it will be available to the rest of the world is still uncertain (but we would guess it will).

Owners of branded Magic phones might be out of luck though - it depends on the carrier to make this update available to its users. "With Google" phones might also be out of the picture. Licensing restriction and other evil legalese get in the way of the update, otherwise the hardware should be able to handle it.

We say "should" because user reports suggest that the HTC Magic version with 192MB RAM has some issues with it. The one with 288MB though is certainly capable of getting another step closer to the Hero's capabilities.

Here's something interesting we stumbled upon - HTC Magic in Brazil comes with Sense UI out of the box. It turns out that some people are more equal than others after all.

While we're on the subject of HTC and Android, the Taiwanese company has confirmed that they are working on an Android 2.0 phone, even if Google haven't announced it yet. There's the update question again - will existing phones be updateable to v2.0 and if yes, which ones? The G1 is a lost cause but the Acer Liquid and Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica have beefy CPUs, so they seem likely candidates (though Spica is low on RAM, which might be a problem).

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HTC Magic gets Sense UI, Android 2.0 Eclair phones in the works - reader comments

  • Anonymous

all you have to do is swap out the boot.img for a 32B one. Come on guys we have been though this for how long now.

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  • 2009-12-07 11:30
  • 3xxk
  • Anonymous

This update is for all 32A HTC Magic ( most Google branded ones will not take it ), then for the language you can find MoreLocale.apk and select your language from this great little application!

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  • 2009-11-22 20:02
  • mA9X
  • sela9@

HTC will not release the SENSE UI for the HTC Magic or G1 in European Staates. Its just Brazil and Taiwan luckors. This information is from the European HTC Support "Caroline". Im realy dissapointed about this info.

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  • 2009-11-18 01:44
  • mTc4