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great phone

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  • 2014-12-04 20:15
  • gy{%
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> In reply to nikz @ 2014-12-02 06:28 from u{Km - click to readkeyboard is sold seperetly , you have few choices - touch,type, type2 etc. touch is the cheaoest around 70'80$ but if you it is strongly advidsable to buy typer - that one has phisical keys and is fairly good except mouspad which can have some lags... I'm using sp2 for over a year now and am more than satisfyed but you can always consider upgrading to sp3 wich has some things improved of corse. One more thing, do not buy les than 128gb version, 64gb is pointzles!

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  • 2014-12-03 10:50
  • 84e$
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hy i wanted to buy this tablet and if u can let me know if i get that keyboard with the tablet or i have to buy it?? plizz reply ty

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  • 2014-12-02 06:28
  • u{Km
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yes, please review surface pro 3

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  • 2014-11-21 21:03
  • vaN}
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Where is surface pro 3 ?

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  • 2014-11-20 14:10
  • XNZ$
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yaa it so good

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  • 2014-11-16 18:44
  • Y}K4
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Where is the surface pro 3?

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  • 2014-11-15 11:24
  • YTSM
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100% more useful that iPad, 100% more better that iPad

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  • 2014-11-13 16:31
  • P@L%
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The surface does not turn on even after all suggested manuovers.the battery charge indication is present.there is no service facility in chennai India

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  • 2014-11-12 06:42
  • KAx6
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Acer need to do new highnest 14 inches thinner tablet with this basic specs:

1.Display.- 14 inch QHD - IGZO + ClearType technology (~300 ppi pixel density)
2.Memory.- 4 GB RAM
3.Chipset.- Tegra K1 or MediaTek MT6795 64-bit
4.Camera.- 2 MP on both sides

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  • 2014-09-03 12:43
  • 3bmY
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> In reply to Suzanne @ 2014-07-31 19:19 from PTGm - click to readYes you can

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  • 2014-08-29 07:49
  • wv}w
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-08-13 11:13 from PTYG - click to readFirst: router connection problem is universal, and doesn't happen often.

Second: My battery has been okay for me.

Third: You close apps by hovering your mouse pointer on the upper screen till the minimize and close icons show.

Fourth: No problems in deleting wifi network. Just swipe from the right to trigger the charms, then settings, and press the network currently on, long press to get the choice to forget the network.

It would seem you are complaining about minor stuff, most of which is because you haven't learned the how-tos of the Metro interface.

The Surface 2 is way versatile and hardware-wise better than any iPad, which does not have any expansion slots, miracasting, HDMI connection, kickstand, more internal memory, full USB accessories and the very wonderful keyboard cover options that keep the entire package quite thin. I've been using it to create my research papers with my research PDFs on the left side while I use a FULL Word program to write. The wonderful kickstand just is very useful than carrying a separate third party stand all the time. You go ahead with an iPad. It won't be as useful but you can sure get a lot of games.

I can easily get a productive time of nearly 9 hours continuous or accumulated usage time on a full charge at times. I'm even thinking of getting the Power Cover to get a promised 70% more juice that could give me over 13 hours total.

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  • 2014-08-21 12:30
  • v0qJ
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Awful. Just genuinely awful and it's all to do with the terrible software.
First problem: had to turn off my router so ot would connect to my internet.
Second problem: (also the biggest) the battery just wouldn't register. So I would see 0% available, plugged in, not charging. After extensive research it seems like this happens a lot, and whilst they have a fix for the pro (you know, the expensive one) there is no fix for the plain ol' surface 2.
Third problem: no way to close apps from the left menu thingy without a trackpad/mouse.
Fourth problem: trying to delete a wifi network (so I could return it) was a nightmare. Had to do so via cmd, then it starts glitching.
In summary good job Microsoft, I've been a loyal customer since the day I was born, and now Apple is looking pretty welcoming.

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  • 2014-08-13 11:13
  • PTYG
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Can I connect a portable wifi ( 3G/4G modem) to it ?

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  • 2014-07-31 19:19
  • PTGm
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Good tablet for desk work use, less rugged n unwieldy for in the field use.

BAD POINT IS, it randomly powered up by itself and draining till no battery charge, even after i turned it off (via button or windows). My Note 10 didn't have this problem phffftt.

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  • 2014-07-31 03:33
  • 9x1x
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> In reply to Tommy6617 @ 2014-07-15 11:20 from bxde - click to readThe disadvantages of the Surface 2 over the 2520 are:
1. No GPS built in.
2. Regular Surface 2 model has no SIM slot for data.
3. About 60g heavier.
4. No NFC.
5. About 1.5 hours lesser in terms of web browsing, with the 2520 clocking in at 11 hours.

The advantages of the Surface 2 over the 2520:
1. The separately sold keyboard options are backlit.
2. Solid metal body versus plastic.
3. That useful built-in kickstand.
4. Better front facing camera - 3.5MP versus 2MP.
5. A higher internal memory option of 64GB than just 32GB.
6. Bundled 200 GB of OneDrive cloud storage for 2 YEARS, and free one year of Skype subscription.

The 6 advantages of the Surface 2 are what has convinced me to choose it, even compared to something like the Galaxy Note 10.1 (even with its Wacom digitizer). The bundled Office and 200GB worth of OneDrive space are great priorities for me to be able to do my writing with a the Touch Cover I have bought along with the Surface 2. This is for serious work without the hefty price of the MS Surface Pro. The kickstand is ingeniously integrated, and I will opt to have this naked without the extra leather covers that other people get. The battery reviews have been great so far, with the Surface 2 getting an average 8 hours, with a minimum 10 hours of video playback claims. There are no lags reported and the smoothness of the machine seems to be impressive with the Tegra 4 processor.

I do have a full Windows running Alienware MX14R2, but I want something that is light for writing, without that over 5 kg of weight in the backpack. I'll still use my Alienware for rendering 3D at home, and the Surface 2 makes a great sidekick as my secondary screen.

I'm pretty sure the 2520 is good as well with the GPS and data connection. I already carry a smartphone that has those, and I wouldn't want a separate extra LTE line for my needs.

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  • 2014-07-16 14:33
  • v0qJ
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Surface 2 or lumia 2520

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  • 2014-07-15 11:20
  • bxde
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> In reply to junb2013 @ 2013-12-24 00:17 from vjX$ - click to readI like the fact that the portrait orientation is good for reading and typing .txt, and I like seeing full websites portrait orientation.

This baby is on the way to me, with a touch cover in a couple of weeks. I have a powerful Alienware laptop, and I love using that to render and do 3D architectural Building Information Modelling (BIM), and getting a Surface Pro will not answer my graphics and RAM needs - and so I decided to get the Surface 2 (RT) for my writing and presentation needs. I find myself needing to write with Word, especially now I got an entire thesis finish, and the Surface 2 fits bill.

I don't need to carry around a heavier laptop or Ultrabook to write. I get 200GB of OneDrive cloud storage for 2 years - perfect.

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  • 2014-07-09 01:46
  • v0qJ
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Gsmarena.., Where's the SURFACE 3 PRO.....? Why are u not group that to class of tablets..?

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  • 2014-06-30 12:21
  • iwpJ
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> In reply to Rakhi @ 2014-03-13 21:32 from K2Eu - click to readYou can fix it with Scotch tape (or Duck tape)

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  • 2014-06-29 21:32
  • H8pK
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