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EU will decide on the Google-Motorola deal on Feb 13

20 January, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
EU will decide on the Google-Motorola deal on Feb 13 - read the full textPreviously set at January 10, the deadline for the EU to clear or reject the Google takeover of Motorola Mobility has been pushed back to February 13. The reason behind the postponement is that the EU is waiting for undisclosed documents from Google. Google made the deal with Motorola...


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The win of technology !

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  • 2012-01-20 16:27
  • v3AV

> In reply to TheAndroider @ 2012-01-20 15:33 from MVg6 - click to readANdroids problem has never been the devices, but Android itself, its unstable and unreliable and getting worse with every new launch. 2.3 has more bugs than 2.1 an 2.2 put together. In other words, its googles problem and its a software problem, theres nothing Motorola can do to make googles developers make android better. All google care about is pushing out new versions of android without fixing any bugs in old versions, and unfortunately this business strategy has worked very well for them. Because its not about giving celfone users an operating system, its about making money in pushing out unwanted advertising to peoples handheld devices.

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  • 2012-01-20 16:27
  • m7Ew

Please go through

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  • 2012-01-20 16:07
  • t}BQ

i love moto

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  • 2012-01-20 16:02
  • dQA4

Meanwhile Samsung will use it influence to stop the deal, as without hooking on to Android samsung is a death meat with their lousy bada & half baked tizen.

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  • 2012-01-20 15:45
  • u7md

this is really help moto whilst also help google make android devices work better instead of hiring a 3rd party company to make their devices (e.g. samsung) Got not beef with sammy but suppose they would have more research availability if they had their own manufacturer i guess. More tha likely will really help as well against any law suits that Apple but I do this if anyone has unlawfully make a mobile phone which has infringed on patents whether its Apple/Sammy/HTC/Moto/ETC, they should suffer the consequences of that infringment. This is a smart move by google though.

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  • 2012-01-20 15:33
  • MVg6

best wishes
google and motorola

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  • 2012-01-20 15:26
  • uuhp

I really really wish that this things goes in favor of Google.. not because of Android, but more because of Moto......
But I am sniffing some distinctive Apple-ish smell in this....

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  • 2012-01-20 15:13
  • M8T2

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